Wednesday, December 2, 14.00-15.00:
Alberto Calvi, “From the Capital of Zhejiang Province to a Global City: An Interdisciplinary Study of the Political, Economic and Cultural Development of Hangzhou”
Supervisor: Monika Gänsbauer
Discussant: Daniel Mohseni Kabir Bäckström
Examiner: Gabriel Jonsson

Zoom ID: 699 6634 2028

Thursday, December 3, 10:00-11:00:
Emily Fitzgerald, “Foreignisation and Domestication Strategies in Swedish–Korean Translation: A Case Study on Children’s Literature”
Supervisor: Sonja Häussler
Discussant: Eunah Kim
Examiner: Gabriel Jonsson

Zoom ID: 684 6315 7016

Housekeeping info:

  • All MA Thesis Defences will be conducted on Zoom.
  • Please join the session at least 10 minutes before its scheduled time. Please be on time as the possibilities to join the ‘main room’ during the defense will be limited.
  • The host/Examiner will invite you from the ‘waiting room’ to the ‘main room’ individually.
  • Please set up your microphone on ‘mute’. If you would like to ask a question when the Examiner opens up the floor for questions please raise your hand (or send a message to the Examiner via chat) and unmute your microphone.