Daniel Mohseni Kabir Bäckström’s book is about Religious Ecology and Sinofuturism that has fast become two of the most important theories within contemporary Chinese religious studies.

Religious Ecology and Sinofuturism represents the most extensive research on the theoretical framework of religious ecology to date, presenting a detailed discussion of key texts and analysing the novel way in which it re-imagines the future of religion in China.

The book will appeal to all readers interested in Chinese religious studies, the contemporary promotion of popular and Chinese religions, the threats facing Chinese Christians, and visions of time, tradition, and modernity in the People’s Republic.

The edition cathay is a Sinological book series co-edited by Monika Gänssbauer and Isabel Friemann and published by the project publishing house in Bochum/Freiburg. It focuses on topics such as Chinese literature as well as religions and politics in China and publishes works in German and English language.

For more information about Daniel Mohseni Kabir Bäckströms book and edition cathay visit https://www.projektverlag.de/schriftenreihen/edition-cathay/Religious_Ecology

Daniel Mohseni Kabir Bäckström is currently employed by Stockholm University where he completed his MA degrees in religious studies and Chinese. He has previously conducted research on powerful tattooing among the Blang and Tai-lue in southern Yunnan, and has an ongoing interest in the relationship between religion, state and modernity in the PRC.