Stockholm University ranks top 100 in the world for most work-ready graduates, according to CEOs in international companies. Our alumni agree, as responses to the alumni survey show that a large majority estimate that they achieved good or very good competency in many of the soft skills sought by employers. Our varied teaching forms and strong combination of theory and practice ensures that students leave with the ability to search, process and critically analyse large amount of information, effectively learn new skills and knowledge, solve problems, communicate results and ideas and much more.

Many of the problems society faces today will require biological skills and knowledge in solving. See for example the Sustainable development goals as set out by the UN: at least 3 of 17 goals are directly related to biology and severall others are impacted by biological understanding. Important skills and knowledge with which our alumni are equiped.

Job market

These knowledges and skills are in other words valuable in many different contexts, which is why our alumni hold a variety of rolls in different areas of society. These are some of the more common forms of employment among our alumni:

Research and Development

Many of our alumni continue in academia as researchers at a university. But there are also many who are researchers elsewhere: authorities such as environmental protection agencies and public health agencies, and for example the pharmaceutical industry.


These jobs include planning, organising and investigative work within subjects such as working environment, nature conservation and waste management. They can be employees at for example states, councils or private companies.


Agencys, councils and other authorities often conduct controls of different kinds to ensure that rules and regulations regarding e.g. waste or food are followed. These require biological knowledge in order to interpret results, suggest required actions and improve methodology.


Some of our alumni choose to supplement their biology education with pedagogics and didactics and become teachers. Enlightening and inspiring the next generation of biologists.

Sales and marketing

Pharmaceutical companies, for example, want biologists to promote their products.

Career counselling

There are career and study counsellors at our students service both at Studenthuset and at our student office if you want to discuss your career prospects and course choice. Other services and events organised by the University to support you in your career planning include:

Careers day

Each year a careers fair is organised by the Faculty of Science. This is a great opportunity to meet a wide variety of employers that are interested in science students. Come prepared and with an open mind and you can learn alot about the jobmarket for biologists.


As a student at Stockholm University you have the opportunity to join MyCareer. Register with your university account and promote yourself to prospective employers and follow their activity through your personal pages. You can also register for career seminars and events at the University.


With a Master's degree you are eligible to apply for PhD-studies. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD at Stockholm University visit the research department you are interested in for more information.