Reasons to choose

  • The possibility to create your own unique programme
  • A broad education adaptable to many career paths
  • Highly interactive international research and learning environment

Programme structure

Two years full time study, 120 credits, awarding an MSc in Biology.

The Master’s program in Biology gives you the possibility to choose between more than 20 different biology courses covering the entire range of biology subjects offered. The flexible nature of the programme allows up to 60 credits of optional courses, which can be courses in other subject areas such as law or economics.

First year

Autumn Spring
Elective or optional courses Elective or optional courses


Second year

Autumn Spring

Optional courses or degree project

Degree project


Degree projects are carried out in ongoing research projects within one of the Biology departments at Stockholm university. It is also possible to conduct the degree project externally, at a research institute, organisation or company.

Recent degree projects

  • Temporal genomic change in the Scandinavian brown bear

  • Primate brain size correlates with life history and group size

  • POU/Oct transcription factor Nubbin in Drosophila immunity

Career prospects

A Master’s degree in Biology gives you a broad education adaptable to many different career paths. More than 70% of graduates in biology find employment upon graduation (see alumni survey report). Biologists are needed in numerous sectors of society, for example in research at universities, research and development in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies, at government agencies and in education.


The Biology programme requires a Bachelor's degree and a broad background in biology, covering all the main fields: Cell and Molecular Biology, Botany, Zoology, Ecology and Physiology. These should amount to a minimum of one year's full time studies (60 ECTS credits).

We look forward to your application!