Reasons to choose

  • Broad education in Ethology suitable for diverse carrers involving animal behaviour
  • Excellent opportunities for practical studies in the laboratory and at Tovetorp research station
  • Flexible programme allows you to create your own direction based on your interests

Programme structure

Two years of full time study, 120 credits, awarding an MSc in Ethology.

The Master’s programme in Ethology will give you a strong foundation in Ethology, including animal cognition and human behaviour. The elective and optional courses creates flexibility in the programme allowing you to adapt your studies to your chosen career path.

First year

Autumn Spring
Ethology II Elective course(s)
Biological statistics II
Animal Cognition

Optional course(s)

Human Behaviour: Biology and Culture


Second year

Autumn Spring

Optional courses or degree project

Degree project


Degree projects are carried out within ongoing research projects at the Department of Zoology, within the current broad research areas: Foraging decisions, Animal personality, Brain evolution, Climate change and behaviour, Collective behaviour, adaptive colouration, Cognition, Sexual selection and Social behaviour. It is also possible to conduct the degree project externally, at a research institute, organisation or company.

Recent degree projects

  • Levelling the field: Applying the open field test in situ on voles in the Swedish mountain range 
  • Investigating traits affecting dominance in domestic fowl: The role of comb size, aggression and age 
  • The effect of brain size on associative learning and behavioural flexibility in the guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

Career prospects

A Master's degree in Ethology opens up a diverse range of career opportunities. Completion of the Master’s program gives you eligibility for PhD studies.

Beyond being an important academic subject ethology is highly relevant in careers where an understanding of animal behaviour is important, including animal parks and zoos, animal husbandry and within animal welfare and environmental agencies.


The Ethology programme requires a solid background in Biology, and a basic understanding in Ethology. Specifically we expect the equivalent of a Bachelor in Biology, including half a semester of Ethology.

We look forward to your application!