Climate Arena

Our climate arena is a forum for exchange of ideas about how to effectively reduce our negative impact on climate and the environment. A national program to promote new collaborative arenas has been financed by Formas. The Bolin Centre Climate Arena is the arena that Stockholm University has prioritized.

The Bolin Centre Climate Arena aims to support cross-sector work aimed at “bending the curve” of climate change by:

  • developing long lasting relations between academic, public, business and policy sectors,
  • enhancing the impact and utilisation of knowledge and research, and
  • promoting climate education for the future.

Our climate arena is a forum for exchange of ideas about how to effectively reduce our negative impact on climate and the environment. This is done bringing together researchers, students, companies, organisations and other stakeholders in society. The climate arena will contribute to the strategic goal of the Bolin Centre: to create and communicating climate science, while at the same time initiating new collaborations and opportunities for attracting future funding.


So far, our partners include:

  • Amazon Watch
  • Stockholm University
  • Huddinge kommun
  • Skarl AB, Klimatriksdagen
  • Formas
  • BRA
  • KTH
  • PRO
  • Electrolux
  • DevelopMinded
  • ZeroMission
  • SEI
  • Stockholms stad
  • CoachHuset
  • Jernkontoret
  • Climeworks
  • Fuglesang Space Center
  • Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
  • Future Earth
  • Svalna
  • Index Foundation
  • Husstainablility
  • Klimatstudenterna and Symbios SU
  • KTH Climate Action Centre
  • IBM
  • SVOA
  • Ekomodernisterna
  • Trafikverket
  • Cybercom
  • Sigill
  • Klimatbyrån
  • Klimatriksdagen
  • Fridays for Future
  • Stockholm Exergi
  • VI-skogen
  • Region Stockholm
  • DNV-GL
  • SLU
  • Max Hamburgare
  • A4
  • IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet
  • Jernkontoret
  • KTH Students for Sustainability
  • LRF
  • Linköping Universitet
  • Swedavia
  • Klimatstudenterna Sverige
  • International Sustainable Finance Centre
  • Fossilfritt Sverige
  • Svensk Betong
  • Heart Aerospace
  • WSP Sverige AB
  • We Don't Have Time
  • Sustainable Fashion Academy
  • Openhack 2020 Australia
  • Milkywire AB
  • Hagainitaitivet
  • AGA
  • KTH SforS
  • ETC EL
  • Ericsson
  • Care all Foundation
  • Sundbybergs stad
  • Haninge Municipality
  • Klimataktion
  • SVT
  • COOP
  • Snowflake Education
  • Almi
  • Preem
  • The Future
  • Tillväxtverket
  • Handelshögskolan
  • Johannas Stadsodlingar AB
  • Föreningen för utvecklingsfrågor
  • Klimatstudenterna

Climate Arena Policy Briefs

The Climate Arena has together with Bolin Centre scientists put together Policy Briefs for policy-makers, decision-makers, and individuals who are interested in formulating or influencing policy related to the climate. These Policy Briefs aim at providing a concise summary of a particular climate-related issue together with some recommendations on the best options going forward.

Policy Briefs



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