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How to teach in an active learning classroom. Foto Una Cunningham

How to teach in an active learning classroom

Tips on teaching for technology-enhanced active learning. The point of all teaching is that students should learn. Teaching activities are only useful if they help students to achieve the course learning outcomes. Teaching in an active learning classroom (ALC) is no different, but the room is an expression of the idea that students construct knowledge in communication with each other.

Workshop: The art of avoiding plagiarism

Tired of collecting documents for the disciplinary board because you suspected potential plagiarism cases? A workshop for you who are involved in this process as a teacher, course director or administrator. The workshop is based upon a newly written handbook on counteracting plagiarism. We work with anonymous cases and reflect on how to detect bad habits at an early stage. How can we help our students to write, cite and think by themselves?

Hybrid undervisningssituation

How to prepare for hybrid teaching or meeting

Hybrid teaching is teaching where some students participate from a physical location at the same time as other students participate online. Basic rules for digital meetings still apply, but the dynamics will be different. The combined environment places particular demands on achieving functioning and balanced communication for all parties. Here are tips and advice on how to prepare the teaching or meeting so that it will be as good as possible for all participants.