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Design for Active Learning in new ALC rooms

Want to create a teaching and learning context that activates, challenges and motivates your students? Active Learning Classroom (ALC) is an educational concept that utilizes physical spaces and technologies such as whiteboards and interactive screens to promote student learning. Learn more about how to encourage students to engage in their learning process and how to use the ALC- rooms in a way that supports your students learning.


Workshop: Digital teaching and learning essentials

Learn how digital tools, open educational resources and online collaborative learning settings can be utilized effectively for teaching and learning. The workshop is given within the CIVIS alliance, a European Civic University formed by the alliance of eight leading research higher education institutions across Europe.

Digital teaching

Survey findings: An increasing amount of students and teachers make online teaching work

A lot of things have developed and improved over the past year, but new challenges have also been added. This is demonstrated in the university's follow-up study of how online teaching has worked for students and teachers.

Hybrid undervisningssituation

How to prepare for hybrid teaching or meeting

Hybrid teaching is teaching where some students participate from a physical location at the same time as other students participate online. Basic rules for digital meetings still apply, but the dynamics will be different. The combined environment places particular demands on achieving functioning and balanced communication for all parties. Here are tips and advice on how to prepare the teaching or meeting so that it will be as good as possible for all participants.

Our job is to stimulate engaging and high-quality teaching at Stockholm University

The goal of the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL) is to stimulate engaging and high-quality teaching at all levels at Stockholm University. We support staff and departments to develop teaching and courses, and to create learning environments that facilitate and support student learning in the best possible way.