This course seeks to provide colleagues at the university with a platform for academic development with a specific focus on the challenges and possibilities facing university teachers of today. In the Autumn 2020 the course will be given entirely online.

After completing the course, you will be able to

  • discuss and problematize on matters related to student learning
  • plan, implement and evaluate different elements of teaching
  • use and contribute to the development of physical and digital learning environments to promote learning among groups and individuals
  • meet students in an inclusive manner and have knowledge of regulations and support for students with functional variations
  • use national and local regulations as well as discuss societal goals with higher education and academic teaching in relation to one’s own practice and student participation in education
  • demonstrate a reflective approach to one’s own academic teaching capacity, the relationship with the students and the value of higher education

Disposition of the course

The course builds on the principle of professional exchanges of experiences and ideas among university teachers and so requires active participation in all sessions. The course is organized around seminar sessions and workshops introducing specific themes inviting discussion and reflection on issues of relevance to teaching in higher education, such as:

  • research on student learning in higher education
  • teaching methods
  • assessment and evaluation
  • theory informed practice
  • models for educational reflection and educational development

More specifically, the course includes five mandatory online seminar days (10-15) and three workshops. Towards the end of the course, participants will be expected to articulate in writing a personal reflection of her/his own approach to teaching. Course participants will also participate in three workshops. The course also involves preparatory work in relation to each seminar session. The course is equivalent to 7,5 hp.

The Professional development course 1, English online course is semi-bilingual in that participants may write their examination tasks in Swedish, and when possible and appropriate participants may engage in dialogue in Swedish throughout the course. The course employs an inclusive language policy, and lectures will be offered in a language understandable to all participants. Participants are asked to procure reading literature during the course, and this too may be in another language than English.

CeUL's workshop program for the Autumn 2020

Schedule Autumn 2020

Meeting day Time                           Venue                    
8 Sep            10-15

E-meeting in Zoom

14 Sep


E-meeting in Zoom
21 Sep


E-meeting in Zoom
29 Sep 10-15 E-meeting in Zoom
13 Oct


E-meeting in Zoom

Venue / Find your way           

To participate in the course you will need:

Language English
Course leader

Cormac McGrath, Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching

Course literature  Research articles will be used


Participants who gain a pass will be entitled to a certificate.

Pil som pekar på anmälningslänken


Terms and conditions: Participation is free of charge for all employees at Stockholm University. Your application is processed within a few working days and you will receive a message through the signup system with instructions on how to complete your registration. After that your registration is binding. In case of cancellation later than two weeks ahead of the course your department will be debited a cancellation fee of 2 000 SEK. By signing up you confirm that your registration is approved by the Head of (your) Department or equivalent.

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