This course seeks to provide colleagues at the university with a platform for academic development with a specific focus on the challenges and possibilities facing university teachers of today.

After completing the course, you will be able to

After completing this course you will be able to articulate your pedagogical stance in relation to higher education research and based on exchange of experiences with other university teachers.

Disposition of the course

The course builds on the principle of professional exchanges of experiences and ideas among university teachers and so requires active participation in all sessions. The course is organized around seminar sessions and workshops introducing specific themes inviting discussion and reflection on issues of relevance to teaching in higher education, such as:

  • research on student learning in higher education
  • teaching methods
  • assessment and evaluation
  • models for educational reflection and educational development

More specifically, the course includes five seminar days (10-15) and three workshops. Towards the end of the course, participants will be expected to articulate in writing a personal reflection of her/his own approach to teaching. Course participants will also participate in three workshops, selecting one of these workshops as a basis for writing up a brief workshop paper offering professional reflections on a particular topic of relevance to the course. The course also involves preparatory work in relation to each seminar session. The course is given in English and it is equivalent to 7,5 hp.

  • Workshop programme Spring 2018, will be published in December - we recommend you to register for three of them as soon possible.


All days: 10-15

Spring 2018
Meeting day Venue
17 Jan *Room: 1511
31 Jan *Room: 1511
13 Feb *Room: 2503
1 Mar *Room: 1511
14 Mar *Room: 2503

Venue/find your way to:

*Department of Education, Frecativägen 54.

**Södra huset, Frescativägen 10, house F, level 2.

Language English
Course leader Meeri Hellsten, Department of Education
Course litterature

Hunt, L. & Chalmers, D. (2013). University Teaching in Focus. A learning-centred approach. Routledge.

Further reading material may be distributed in relation to each seminar session.



Participants who gain a pass will be entitled to a certificate.


For admission the following applies: You must be a department staff member at Stockholm University. Registration must be confirmed with and approved by the head of department or director of studies or equivalent.

Full attendance is necessary if you are to benefit from this course. Your department will be debited 2000 Swedish crowns, if you are not able to attend. However, participation is free of charge for all employees at Stockholm University.