The course offers you an opportunity to develop skill and confidence in your teaching by developing

  • your ability to plan, carry out and evaluate your own teaching,
  • your ability to follow society’s guidelines and policy, and
  • your ability to reflect on your own conceptions of teaching and students’ learning.


  • The organisation of, and the regulations for, teaching at Stockholm University
  • Student learning and the role of the teacher
  • Lesson planning
  • Feedback from students

Disposition of the course

The course corresponds to a nominal two weeks' full-time work, i.e. 3 ECTS credits. Participation is mandatory in all seminars. In Spring 2021 the course is held online.

The course begins with a course meeting Tuesday 19th of January 10–12 and 13–15 followed by a workshop on planning for teaching and learning Tuesday26th of January, 13–16.

During the course you will observe a colleague’s teaching, after careful reflection and planning, and you will be encouraged to join a group of ‘critical friends’.

The final course meeting is placed late in the semester in order to give you the possibility to teach and get feedback from your students during the semester, before participating in the final course meeting.


Schedule Spring 2021

Please note that the course may  be transferred to Zoom depending on the development of the spread of Covid19.

Time Venue
19 Jan at 10-15 * Online Seminar
26 Jan at 13-16 * Online Seminar
2 Mar at 13-15 * Online Seminar
11 May at 13-15 * Online Seminar
Venue/find your way to

* E-meeting in Zoom. To participate you will need:

Course leader Veronica Flodin, Dept of Mathematics and Science Education
Course literature Morss, Kate, & Murray, Rowena, (2005) Teaching at University: A Guide for Postgraduates & Researchers, Sage (2005)
Language Bilingual: The course is given in English. Participants who teach in Swedish are encouraged to discuss and write assignments in Swedish.


Course certificate

Participants who achieve a Pass will be provided with a certificate that they can register at their department and append to future applications for appointments.


Pil som pekar på anmälningslänken


Terms and conditions: Participation is free of charge for all employees at Stockholm University. Your application is processed within a few working days and you will receive a message through the signup system with instructions on how to complete your registration. After that your registration is binding. In case of cancellation later than two weeks ahead of the course your department will be debited a cancellation fee of 2 000 SEK. By signing up you confirm that your registration is approved by the Head of (your) Department or equivalent.


Registration for the course Introduction to teaching (Nat) Spring 2021