About the course

This course has been designed for university lecturers in the faculty of natural sciences who are interested in developing their competence in educational research. During the course you will carry out an educational study within your own discipline. Here, it may be the case that you have an idea you would like to develop, or you may already have access to data that you would like help in analyzing and publishing. The project can be carried out individually, but there is also the possibility to work together with one or more colleagues from the same department. It is expected that the course will lead to a more research-based approach to your teaching and develops the Scholarship of teaching and learning.
The course is bilingual (Swedish / English) and participants must have completed UL1 and UL2 (or equivalent) to be eligible for admission.

After completing the course, you will be able to

  • Identify a relevant educational question in your discipline based on published research.
  • Formulate a research aim and research questions for a study that is relevant to teaching and learning in your discipline.
  • Carry out a discipline-based educational study where the research methods and analysis are chosen with respect to the research aim and research ethics.
  • Present your study in a suitable form (conference presentation, research paper, etc.)

Course content and structure

The course is based around carrying out a discipline-based educational study, relevant to your role as a university lecturer. This study can be carried out individually or with one or more colleagues. The study should build on earlier research. The choice of topic is made in consultation with one of the course leaders. The course follows the process of research from planning, through execution to final report. The course concludes with a seminar where course participants present their work.
The five obligatory course meetings deal with:

  • Discipline-based education research in mathematics and science at university level.
  • Research methods for discipline-based education research.
  • Data collection and analysis.
  • Literature review and genre.

The course consists of a joint seminar series of six course meetings, own project work and supervision. The course is given over the spring and autumn semester 2021 and includes six mandatory course seminars and is the equivalent of 5 weeks of full-time study (7.5 hp).   The course is offered once a year.

The first four course meeting are timetabled, the date or a subsequent meeting in the beginning of autumn 2021 is set in consultation with the course participants. The final coursmeeting in December is held in cooperation with the Universitetslärarutbildning 3  humaniora och samhällsvetenskap course.


Schedule 2021

Date Time Venue
2 Feb 13—16 *Online seminar
16 Feb 13—16 *Online seminar
16 Mar 13—16 *Online seminar
20 Apr 13—16 *Online seminar
Course meeting Fall 2021 13—16 *Online seminar
16 december 9—16 Campus, room to be announced
Venue / Find your way to

*Seminars are held on Zoom. To participate in the course you need:

Please note: depending on the situation and the spreading of Covid19 meetings later on in the course might be moved to campus

Language Bilingual: Swedish and English. The course group will probably be bilingual and include both teachers who prefer to discuss in Swedish and teachers who are not able to discuss in Swedish.
Course Leader Veronica Flodin, MND
Course Literature Before each seminar, specific texts are read. Other literature is produced in relation to the specific projects


Course certificate

You will be provided with a course certificate that certifies that you have completed the training once you have attended the meetings and carried out the tasks.

Pil som pekar på anmälningslänken


Terms and conditions: Participation is free of charge for all employees at Stockholm University. Your application is processed within a few working days and you will receive a message through the signup system with instructions on how to complete your registration. After that your registration is binding. In case of cancellation later than two weeks ahead of the course your department will be debited a cancellation fee of 2 000 SEK. By signing up you confirm that your registration is approved by the Head of (your) Department or equivalent.


Registration for the course Professional development course 3: Teaching and Learning in Science and Mathematics 2021