As a university teacher, you work within a complex area where a scientific approach is combined with both pedagogy and law. All three dimensions are important in order to be able to carry out your duties as an employed teacher at a government agency.

This course has therefore been developed with the overall aim  to provide knowledge about the academic regulatory framework for teachers at the university, to show how to utilise this framework and to invite reflection on what it means to work as a teacher at a government agency.

The course comprises general regulations and rules, and in questions regarding teaching and examination, it is primarily delimited to first and second-cycle education.


The course consists of

  • an introductory orientation part, in which you familiarise yourself with a number of regulatory documents and other important documents at Stockholm University
  • a concluding examination part, in the form of a multiple-choice quiz


The course is based on the principle of self-study and runs continuously, to be registered please contact