In addition to the contributions already included in the programme, we also open up the possibility of submitting new contributions to the conference. All contributions are welcome, but given the recent challenges, contributions regarding the following subjects are especially welcomed:

  • ICT solutions for digital / online teaching and exams
  • Educational / didactic solutions for teaching online
  • Social climate and relational aspects related to teaching on Zoom / online education
  • How teaching on Zoom changes students' learning trajectories.

The 2020 teachers’ conference invites you to share experiences of developing university teaching and learning with colleagues across the university. The 2020 teachers’ conference, focusses on possibilities of a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning approach to university practice. Thus, apart from examples of best practice, we also welcome scholarly contributions, demonstrating systematic exploration, collegial review and public dissemination of your experiences and insights from university teaching practice. Furthermore, we aim to shed some light on subject specific didactics, i.e. the bearing that the nature of the subject has on students’ learning and teachers’ teaching.

Each proposal will be reviewed in relation to the following criteria

  • Contribution to the conference topic and themes;
  • Clarity and coherence of the proposal, including title;
  • Contribution to practice, scholarship and evaluation of educational development at Stockholm University;
  • Value of session to participants;
  • Appropriateness of session structure and specified timings in relation to session type and outcomes; and
  • Active and productive engagement of participants

Contribution categories

The contribution may fall within one of two different categories: Best-practice contribution sharing of development/innovations in pedagogical practice or Scholarship of Teaching and Learning contribution – reports on more systematic studies of pedagogical practice.

A Best-practice contribution

Describes the innovation/development implemented as well as the incentive for and the experiences of it. The presentation should address the following questions:

  • What was the reason(s) for undertaking innovations/developing the teaching in this area? What development has previously been done by others?
  • How was the project designed and implemented?
  • What did we learn, from the outcomes and from the process?
  • What advice would we like to give to others thinking of undertaking this kind of pedagogical development?

A Scholarship of teaching and learning contribution

The conference especially welcomes contributions founded in a scholarly approach to academic teaching, student learning or higher education curriculum development. These are contributions characterised by systematic enquiry, collegial review and public dissemination. The results and experiences of SoTL-contributions are supposed to be shared by a larger collegial community in order to be practically or theoretically put into use in new contexts. The presentation should…

  • Explicitly draw on previous research in the actual area
  • Accommodate to prevalent principles for scientific rigor, such as critical discussion of empirical or theoretical material.
  • Employ the format “Introduction – Method – Result – Discussion” (IMRaD)

Format of presentations

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