The Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching now offers university teachers the opportunity to receive individual or group-adapted support from a colleague with extensive experience of university pedagogical development in terms of how you can develop your teaching online with the e-meeting service Zoom and the learning platform Athena.

Focus on educational processes

First focus of your questions is on the educational processes, for example: How do I engage the students in the online environment? How do I design my material to motivate students to deepen their learning? How can I combine Athena and Zoom so that students work continuously with the course content and at the same time have the opportunity to meet their teachers and fellow course participants? What are the opportunities with regards to examination forms?

You are welcome to contact

the following colleagues at the University:

Ulf Olsson

Ulf Olsson is Deputy Director at Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching and Associate Professor at The Department of Computer and Systems Sciences. Ulf has an interest and responsibility for education that is supported by information technology. Within the university, Ulf coordinates several assignments and projects, all of which have to do with competence development, information technology in teaching and open education.


Lotta Jons

Lotta Jons is a university pedagogical developer and area coordinator at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education. Lotta works primarily with the question of how to create and maintain a so-called "Community of Inquiry" in connection with distance education, i.e. how you as a teacher support cognitive, social and pedagogical presence.


Tore Nilsson

Tore Nilsson is a university lecturer in modern languages with a didactic focus. He is also the Director of Studies for postgraduate education and Deputy Head of Department at the Department of Language Education. Tore has a special focus on pedagogical development when it comes to continuing education in and about digital resources in various educational contexts, as well as a flipped classroom in language teaching.