Technical challenges


Recorded files are too large to upload to Fastreg. Some teachers do not want their film to be recorded and made available openly.

Upload the movie in BOX and configure a special link that allows students to only "see" the movie in BOX, without being able to download it. Instruction on how to do this


Athena does not seem to work well and is difficult to use

Itslearning is working hard on improving the capacity. Make sure you have access to students' email addresses to share links to Zoom. Possibly use other forums such as Google hangouts, Google doc etc. if it is a crisis.


How to handle the anonymization of exams submitted via Athena? How to run Exia's answer in Urkund?

You can export file from Exia with student response and run the file in Urkund. See suggestions on this and more in our padlet


How to manage the E-learning platform Zoom as a teacher / or help the students learn the technique

You find a lot of resourses on Zoom at:


Need for the ability to monitor online home exams in a simple way

Examples of tools that can be used:

What to do when all students do not have a camera on their computer?

Most mobile phones have a camera. Zoom can be downloaded to the mobile phone.


Pedagogical Challenges


Some teachers find it difficult to get into the new technology

It is a challenge to learn how to teach via Zoom instead of the classroom. To avoid just lecturing see CeUL's resources "Teaching Online" In a longer perspective, consider how much of the teaching really needs to be done in zoom. Much interaction can also take place in Athena, even if it is not synchronous, ie communicating simultaneously. See here for ideas on teaching in Athena

Being a distance learning student
Here you find two useful links to support students studying at a distance:
Article:What Makes a Successful Online Student?

Online Student’s manual for success

How can we cater for those students who have poor conditions, both technically and in the study environment?
Please go to the student section at SU


How to translate seminar teaching into Zoom?
Article on what to think about in seminar teaching in zoom


What to do with examinations that are difficult to convert into home exams as they need to check that student know things by heart
Article on how to think about exams

What to do when you as a teacher cannot see how every student reacts / eg. if they really understood the issue just discussed

Use interactive steps such as the zoom feature in zoom
Mentimeter questions, or other interactive occasions, more suggestions here

It is difficult to replace teaching resources and materials with digital resources. How do we find good tasks and activities? How to teach sign language?
Do not place too high demands on quality for the first time. Ask students for help. Ask colleagues for help, locally and nationally in subject networks, or in the Facebook group 'Digital Transition in Higher Education NOW' There may already be digital material that someone else has created ...


Find the balance in finding pragmatic solutions and to adequately adapt the courses to the new conditions
Feel free to share some of the material CeUL posted under Teach online
There will soon be courses offered on this topic by CeUL, look out for workshops and courses


Create opportunitys to vary the teaching of Zoom during the same teaching and give the students the opportunity to discuss and present things in groups and get feedback from the teacher


How to make employees feel comfortable in their new roles? - so that they want and dare to develop their online skills.
Book opportunities to 'take a coffee' over the zoom to share experiences regularly - those who may come. Take this opportunity to share more about the teaching, both in meetings and informally.


The practical learning objectives are difficult to cover at a distance
Search the web, in scientific articles via google schools eg. Now many good articles will come out at the top. For example, with keywords such as: teaching practical skills in XX (discipline)

How to think about digital exams?
Please see, Pedagogeeks: Digital examination 


How to think regarding Zoom and GDPR?
 Information from NordUNet regarding GDPR and Zoom