Create a digital study environment with Athena

There are many opportunities to create a good study environment with a digital learning platform like Athena. But it is always most important how you as a teacher organize the teaching, it is important that you as a teacher think through how you get the most out of the current digital tool. As a beginner you find some tips on things to focus on in the article Creating a digital study environment with Athena.

Individual guidance in Athena

A group of teachers or administrators can book 1-2 hours tutorial in Athena. At least three participants and a maximum of six participants are needed for the counseling session to be implemented.These opportunities are not given at a fixed time or place, but are determined in consultation with you and support staff at the IT department. Book well in advance as it can be difficult to find a suitable time in the calendar at short notice. You tutoring via the unspecified order form in the university's service Portal.

Video guides and instructional documents on Athena

In the Service Portal, IT support at the University has created a large number of video guides and instructional documents that facilitate the use of Athena. You find them here  (To get them in English: choose language / and translate to language)

The instruction material goes through

  • Competence
  • Communication
  • Group Management
  • Planning
  • Assignments
  • Tools