Learn how to transfer your teaching skills to an online context and start teaching online.

Here you find information and knowledge on how to move your physical education online. During a transition to teaching online, we go through different steps where we have different kinds of needs. CeUL's support is therefore divided into three levels:


Getting started with online teaching

For you with little experience of online teaching and of using digital tools such as Zoom, Athena and Exia and need help here and now.


Useful tools and strategies for online teaching

Educational considerations, strategies and helpful digital tools for those starting to explore the possibilitys of teaching online.


Buildning on research

For you who want to become a better online teacher and expand the flexibility of teaching using digital tools and resources. Here you find  tools and strategies useful when planning for a digital transition of teaching and online teaching in a longer perspective.


Share your tips on online teaching


Survey on this Spring’s online education

The University would like to better understand students’ and teachers’ experiences with this Spring’s online education. The purpose is to learn from these experiences so that the University is better equipped for the future and provides sustainable teaching that supports student learning.

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