Develop your teaching

Develop your teaching

Are you looking for inspiration, advice and tips on how you can develop your teaching? In that case, you have come to the right place. Here you will find resources that can be used as support when you plan your teaching. Choose an entry that interests you below and let yourself be inspired.

Accessible teaching

The proportion of graduates from upper-secondary education who apply for higher education has increased greatly in recent years, and teachers in higher education today face a greater diversity among students than just 10 years ago. One way to meet the broadened recruitment is to offer our students accessible teaching that facilitates studies for all and that can improve the overall pedagogical quality.

Develop as a supervisor

Being a supervisor means in its simplest form "to lead someone by the hand", e.g. through a learning process. The supervisor role is partly about giving the students the conditions required for them to achieve set goals, but it is also about informing the students about more practical details such as working hours and routines. A good relationship is the basis for both parties to experience the supervision process as well as possible.

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