Welcome to a workshop on teaching and learning with Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL). This is a workshop where the language of instruction is English. 

Useful for: University teachers

Deliberate practice is an example of a flipped classroom approach — without video recorded lectures — in which students are given preparatory tasks for each seminar and a major part of the in-class time is devoted to problem solving in small groups. The groups are fixed throughout the course, and students are assigned specified, rotating roles. The layout has been implemented in a quantum mechanics course at Fysikum for two years now, with positive outcomes, and the method can just as well be applied within other subjects.

In this workshop we will present the research and principles behind the deliberate practice method, as well as how we chose to implement it in the quantum mechanics course at Fysikum. You will also get some hands-on experience of trying the problem solving in groups and other student activating activities included in this course layout. Finally, we will have a general discussion on the process of transforming a course from traditional lectures to a deliberate practice approach; how much time is needed, where does one start, what is good to keep in mind, are these ideas applicable in your course, etc.?

A warm welcome!

Time 11 December 2018: kl. 9-12
Venue/find your way to Department of Education, Frescativägen 54, level 5, Room 1511
Language English
Workshop leader Emma Wikberg
Reference literature To be announced


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