Welcome to a workshop on teaching and learning with Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL).

This workshop is aimed for teachers at Stockholm University.

About the workshop

During the workshop two tools will be demonstrated: Camtasia, a video recording and editing too, and Scalable Learning, a pedagogical platform for flipped classroom. Together, Camtasia and Scalable Learning will make it possible to:
•    easily recorded presentations and lectures
•    integrate recorded material, formative tasks and feedback.

In addition to a demonstration, you will also get time to try out these tools during the workshop.


February 14th 9.00—12.00
Venue/Find your way Geovetenskapens hus (Geoscience building) Svante Arrhenius väg 8. Room U26
Language English
Workshop leader Tore Nilsson, Department of Language Education
Reference literatur

Braseby, A. M. (2014). The flipped classroom. Idea Paper 57, s. 1–12.

Neccesary preparations to make before the workshop

You need to bring:
•    a laptop computer
•    headset with microphone
•    a PowerPoint presentation (or similar) as a basis for the screen recording

And you need to prepare by:
downloading the latest version of Camtasia 2019 (demo version!). Use the following link: https://www.techsmith.com/video-editor.html (Camtasia 2019 works on both Mac and PC.)
watch at least the first of the five Camtasia video tutorials under ”Learn the Basics” which you will find here: https://www.techsmith.com/tutorial-camtasia.html

Some departments require you to have administrator level rights in order to be able to download programs on your computer. If this is so, please check with your local systems administrator to help you download Camtasia. For Scalable Learning no download is needed.


Learn more about ScalableLearning. Active learning online and in-class.

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