Target group: University teachers.

About the workshop

The workshop introduces you to a structured method for object-based teaching and learning, a cross-disciplinary pedagogical strategy based on the close investigation of artefacts, specimens and art works in museum collections and in the urban landscape, but also manuscripts, books and documents in libraries and archives, intended as "portals" of knowledge.

In the workshop, you will experience object-based learning by testing a ready-made format, extending from pre-class preparation to group work. With the aid of a basic observation scheme, you will describe and analyse a few selected artefacts and discuss your findings with the other participants. The workshop will take place at a museum in Stockholm.

Date and time 29 november 2018: kl. 13-16
Venue Östasiatiska museet / The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities
Language English
Workshop leader Anna Bortolozzi and Magdalena Holdar, senior lecturers in art history at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics.
Reference literature

H.J. Chatterjee, L. Hannan (eds) Engaging the Senses: Object-Based Learning in Higher Education, London and New York 2015.


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