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Learn more about Supplemental Instruction — Peer Assisted Study Sessions (SI-PASS). A collaborative and peer to peer mentoring program designed to assist new university students. With Supplemental Instruction your students increase their chance for better study results, learn how to learn and at the same time create a contact network of fellow students.

Welcome to a workshop on teaching and learning with the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL).

This workshop is for

This workshop is aimed at university teachers and directors of studies who want to learn more about Supplemental Instruction

About the workshop

With Supplemental Instruction programs students increase their chance for better study results, learn how to learn and at the same time create a contact network of fellow students. The model helps students to succeed in courses which they find difficult. Students also improve their problem solving skills, teamworking and collaboration skills, critical thinking and presentation skills.

During the workshop, you will get an introduction to Supplemental Instruction as well as the opportunity to take part of experiences of using Supplemental Instruction from other departments at Stockholm University


  • Introduction to SI-PASS a pedagogical tool
  • Take part of experiences of other departments
  • Learn the most basic steps how to design SI-PASS
  • Where to learn more about SI-PASS and how to get started with SI activities at your department.
Time 15 March 2023, at 9─12
Place Department of Education, Frescativägen 54 Floor 5, Room 2519
Language English
Workshop leader Sama Agahi

Suggested articles (choose at least one to read prior to the workshop):

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Dawson, P., van der Meer, J., Skalicky, J., & Cowley, K. (2014). On the effectiveness of supplemental instruction: A systematic review of supplemental instruction and peer-assisted study sessions literature between 2001 and 2010. Review of educational research, 84(4), 609-639.

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The workshop offers tools and ideas for creating and developing courses and teaching methods

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