Welcome to a workshop on teaching and learning with the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL).

This workshop is aimed for Teachers, course leaders and staff at Stockholm University involved in teaching of students

About the workshop

In the workshop we will discuss which potential tools you can use in your classroom & how you can incorporate them into your teaching and courses. In particular, we will look at flipped classroom, clickers/Zoom polls & virtual cases. If you want to explore any others let the workshop leader know the latest 2 weeks before the workshop and we will try to add that tool.

During the workshop we will:

  • Consider advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of digital tools, in particular flipped classroom, clickers/polls & virtual cases/simple gamification.
  • Provide you with tips on how to pick the right digital tool, both concerning digital literacy of teachers and students and legal risks (e.g. GDPR challenges).
  • Showcase how digital tools can improve the sustainability of teaching and increase students’ learning.
  • Discuss the need for a pedagogical goal with a tool instead of technology leading the way.
  • Share and discuss challenges and solutions.



14 nov 2023 at 9—12
Venue/ Find your way

E-meeting in Zoom

To participate in the workshop you will need a computer with the Zoom e-meeting service installed (see guide on how to install and log into Zoom) and a headset with microphone.

Workshop leader Christine Storr, Lecturer at the Department of Law

Have a look at Recipes for teaching a resource built by the workshop leader within her project as pedagogical ambassador in 2021.

Watch the video Teaching online, 27 Mar 2020, CeUL Pedagogeeks

Read the article Cormac McGrath, Annelie Gunnerstad, Christine Storr & Åsa Örnberg (2020) Making the case for virtual law cases: introducing an innovative way to teach law, The Law Teacher

Listen to the podcast episode The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast, EduTip 12: Model EVERYTHING, 24 April 2022

Play a short online game Court Quest aviliable here. The game takes about 15 minutes and you only need to play the first level. You are also welcome to check out the other games available at icivics.org/games if you are interested.

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CeUL offers workshops for all teachers at Stockholm University on a variety of teaching and learning topics. They are designed to meet the needs of both seasoned professionals and newcomers. Each session offers the opportunity to discuss shared experiences and knowledge with colleagues.


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