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The Chemistry Section is located in the Arrhenius laboratory at the Frescati campus north of Stockholm, in the middle of the Royal National City Park.

The campus is built in a unique and award-winning architecture, largely designed by Ralph Erskine. It is located in the middle of Sweden's first national city park and is surrounded by beautiful nature. When the new campus in Frescati was planned in the 1970s, a green corridor was included between the southern and northern parts of the campus to make it easier for birds and insects to move between Hagaparken and Djurgården.

The Chemistry Section is located in the Arrhenius labooratory in the northern part of the Frescati campus.

Visiting address: Svante Arrheniusväg 16 A-D

If you are coming from the metro station or the bus square, take the middle walkway from the piazza. Follow the walkway straight ahead until you have passed the bust of Svante Arrhenius on your left, the next building is the Arrhenius lab. Enter thorugh the main doors, and follow the long corridor on the left to the end, here you will find the student office. The walk from the subway normally takes about 5 min.



How to get to campus Frescati

Metro: Universitetet
Roslagsbanan: Universitetet
By bus: 50, 52, 540, 608, 624C, 628C, 639, 670, 676 och 680
By car: east side of Roslagsvägen
Taxi stop: Svante Arrheniusväg 16C



Chemistry Section & Student Affairs Office
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