Completed your studies? Congratulations! Here you can read about how to get your degree. Your degree is a testament to the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your education.

When you have finished your studies and want to apply for the award of a qualification, you should apply to receive a degree certificate (diploma). The diploma is free of charge and can be very valuable. It may be required when applying for doctoral positions as well as by employers. Students who have a degree earn more on average than those who have completed the education but have not got their degree.

At the Chemistry Section, you can get a degree in the following main fields of study.

Bachelor's degree:

  • Chemistry

Master's degree (120 credits advanced level):

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Neurochemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Sustainable Chemistry

To receive the degree certificate you must have fulfilled all of the requirements.

•    Local qualification descriptor – applies to those who began their studies in their main field of study fall semester 2016 or later.
The local qualification descriptors cover general first and second-cycle qualifications. The programme syllabi fill the same function for professional qualifications and the general syllabi contain the provisions for third-cycle qualifications. For more information or translation of the local qualification descriptors, please contact your department.

Local qualification descriptor (in Swedish)

•    What qualification requirements apply to students who began their studies before fall semester 2016?

Degree requirements

•    Teaching and professional qualifications - Those who have completed a professional or teaching qualification according to the educational plan have fulfilled the degree requirements for the programme.

Degree requirements


You apply for a degree certificate through the Degree Office. Information on how to apply:

Application for a degree certificate

When applying, you should select the following settings (in the menu "Apply for qualification").

  • Degree: Master's Degree (Art or Science) 120.0 hp
  • Main field of study: see list under Master's degree (for you who have completed a program with us, the main field of study is the same as the program).

When you receive a degree at advanced level (master's degree) from Stockholm University, you are invited to the conferment ceremony in Aula Magna.

Read more about the conferment ceremony

Every year, the Faculty of Science celebrates students who are expected to complete their studies that year.


We are proud of our alumni (former students) and hope that you choose to stay in touch, wherever life takes you after your studies. Feel free to tell us where you end up and how your education has helped you land there. Our current students really appreciate hearing from you.

As an alumnus, you have the right to receive help from our study and career counselor, access to a network of knowledgeable chemists who are active in various fields, and access to our seminars on the latest research in chemistry.

Alumni network



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