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We want you who study with us to learn a lot during your time here. Therefore, we have gathered the most important things that you should know here so you can devote yourself to your studies.

On this page we present information that applies specifically to biology studies at Stockholm University. If you do not find the information you are looking for please also read the university wide information at su.se/study.

If you still do not find what you are looking for then do not hesitate to contact us on chemistry@su.se.


The work and study environment at the university is important for you as a student to be able to perform your best.

Here you can read about how the university supports a good work environment


Sometimes, as a student, you may need to terminate your studies or take a study break. If it becomes relevant to you, you will need to contact us to see what applies.

Please contact our student counsellor on chemistry@su.se to discuss your situation.


Exams and assessments

The assessment is your opportunity to show what you have learned and that you meet the course objectives, so-called expected learning outcomes. The form of assessment depends, among other things, on the type of goal being examined, it can be writing a lab report, giving an oral presentation or writing an exam. What applies to your course is described in the grading criteria at the start of the course and on the course page in the catalouge.

Read the regulations for written seated examination here

It is in the interest of teachers and students to contribute to an open atmosphere that is characterized by trust, high quality and responsibility. This means, among other things, that what you report is your own work and that you report if others have contributed to the work.

Read more in our ethical guidelines:

Ethical guidelines (53 Kb)

The Chemsitry Section takes cheating seriously. It always leads to disciplinary measures, such as suspension from studies for a certain period of time. Cheating includes all use of unauthorized aids, having a mobile phone in your pocket and talking to others during the exam.

If you are unsure, ask us.

Read more about your rights and responsibilities

Read the guidelines for disciplinary matters at Stockholm University here

You register for the exam in Ladok, registration closes two days before the examination. To be able to register, you must be registered (or re-registered). You can not count on writing an exam you are not registered for.

When you register for the exam, you will receive a personal code. In order for your exam to be anonymous, you identify yourself with the code instead of your name on the exam and all the sheets that you submit.

The exam is then corrected and the grades are registered in ladok no later than 15 working days after the examination. The corrected exams are generally handed in to the student office where you can sign it out to take part in the teacher's comments.

If you for some reason you cannot participate or do not pass the examination, you have the right to be re-examined. It is usually given three times a year:

  • assessment during the course
  • a retake after the course (up to six weeks after you have received the result)
  • a second resit opportunity (normally given during the summer)

As long as the course is given, the number of opportunities you are allowed to write is not normally limited, an unfinished course can affect your chances of being admitted to other courses, so it is advantageous to finish missed parts as soon as possible.


As a student, there are a number of different things you can do to get involved and influence your education.

Read about student governance

Student Council in Chemistry


The easiest way to get a study certificate is to download it yourself is via Ladok for students by logging in with your university account. Certificates can be created for studies at Stockholm University and as a national study certificate where studies at several Swedish universities are included.

Ladok for students - your studies

If you need a study certificate with a stamp and signature, from only Stockholm University, you can order this by logging in to the Serviceportalen (click on Order, Infocenter / Studentservice and select the type of certificate).


If you need another type of certificate, we can help you. Please specify:

  • What information should the certificate contain (as detailed as possible)
  • Whether it should be in Swedish or English
  • Who is the recipient (e.g. SSSB)
  • If you want to have it sent digitally or by regular mail (then include address)

Send request to chemistry@su.se


If you have courses from colleges or universities outside of Sweden that you want to include in your degree, you can apply for a credit transfer.

Credit transfer



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