This decision supersedes the previous decision taken by the Vice-Chancellor on 2 October 2003 (Ref. no. SU 69-1981-03).

Goals for the work relating to rehabilitation
Employees who as a result of illness – regardless of whether or not such illness has been caused by their occupational circumstances – have a reduced work capacity must be given help and support through early and coordinated rehabilitation initiatives in order to regain their work capacity and thereby return to work – fully or partially.

Rehabilitation is a collective term for all measures of a medical, psychological, social and working life-oriented nature which are intended to support the ill/injured in regaining the best possible functional capacity and regaining their work capacity and their ability to lead a normal life.

The Vice-Chancellor is ultimately responsible for ensuring that rehabilitation initiatives at Stockholm University are carried out in accordance with applicable regulations and that Stockholm University has a policy in place that clarifies the goals and responsibilities concerning the work relating to rehabilitation.

The heads of department(1) have been delegated responsibility for working environment issues by the Vice-Chancellor. This means that the heads of department are ultimately responsible for rehabilitation within the department (equivalent) and for ensuring that the work relating to rehabilitation is carried out in accordance with the policy and the instructions that have been adopted for Stockholm University. Rehabilitation is carried out in cooperation with the member of staff concerned and is based on the member of staff’s needs and circumstances.

Responsibility for rehabilitation involves taking responsibility, in close partnership with the various players involved, for ensuring that procedures are in place to ensure that the rehabilitation process is carried out swiftly and that the necessary measures are implemented which facilitate a rapid return to work.

The Human Resources Office shall continually follow up the work relating to rehabilitation and establish procedures and other support for heads of department in order to facilitate and accelerate the rehabilitation process.

(1) The term ‘head of department’ also includes office managers and employer representatives who have been delegated the task of working on rehabilitation issues.