Anders Cullhed forskare litteraturvetenskap
Previous research

I wrote my thesis on the Swedish modernist poet Erik Lindegren and his groundbreaking work The man without a way (1942). My postdoc project dealt with ideas and figurations of time in old (baroque) as well as new (modernist) literature, with a strong focus on Spanish Golden Age poetry (Francisco de Quevedo). Recently, I have investigated the early Christian intellectuals’ (most notably Saint Augustine’s) resistance – and inevitable ties – to ancient fiction.

Current research

I am in charge of a research project on medieval fiction theory based on recent developments in discourse analysis and media studies, centered on the interplay between orality and literacy, style and power, fiction and performativity: "Fiction and figuration. Studies in high and late medieval literature". The project, where four Swedish and Danish scholars are involved, studies the relationship between fictional, figurative and didactic discourse in some main medieval literary genres: fables, epic, lyric poetry and letters.


Premodern literature, early modern literature, translation studies, narrative theory, media studies.