Brian Møller Jensen
Previous research

Based on my edition of the liturgical tropes and sequences in the Piacenza codex 65, I did a literary analysis of the texts with a special focus on their liturgical function and the theological concepts to be read in the assigned texts. The analysis is modelled on the oral, ritual, intertextual and anonymous character of liturgical poetry and the medieval hermeneutic doctrine of the four senses of scripture. This analytic model I have applied in analyses of single tropes and sequences in 20-25 studies, 15 of which are published in my book Medieval Liturgical Texts in Italian Manuscripts (The Edwin Mellen Press, 2006).

Current research

Within the Ars edendi programme my project is a modified diplomatic edition of Lectionarium Placentinum from the second half of the 12th century. Within the research project Fiction and Figuration: Studies in High and Late Medieval Literature (coordinator: Anders Cullhed, Stockholm University) I am doing an analysis of the return of the fable genre in the Latin literature in the period 1000-1400 with the working title Fabula docens in Medieval Latin literature: Fictive, figurative and didactic Aspects’. Moreover, I am writing an analysis of the poetic universe of the American poet and rock performer Jim Morrison with the working title A Screaming Butterfly: Visiting Jim Morrison’s Poetic Universe.


Premodern literature, translation studies