Christer Johansson forskare litteraturvetenskap
Previous research

My dissertation, Mimetic Sisterhood: A Representation Theoretical Study of the Interrelations of Prose Fiction and Fiction Film, deals with concepts of intermediality (that is, concepts used to describe the relations between different media), such as sign, representation, iconicity, fictionality and narrative perspective, and the interrelations of narrative prose fiction and narrative fiction film. I have also published articles on intermediality, narrative theory, Pär Lagerkvist and Eyvind Johnson.

Current research

My current research project, ”Concepts of Intermediality”, is an investigation of the relation between the literary text and other media. Of central importance is ”the intermedial concept” and a metatheoretical analysis of concepts in the intersection between media and aesthetic disciplines. Preliminary contents:

  1. Intermedial concepts. A metatheoretical model.
  2. Medium and materiality, intermediality and multimodality.
  3. Meaning, sign, representation.
  4. Narrativity and fiction.
  5. Metaphor, symbol and expressivity in different media.


Popular culture, literary theory, modernist studies, narrative theory, media studies