Previous research

Wåghäll Nivre has primarily devoted her research to 15th and 16th century German literature. For many years she has been concerned with the position of women and the role of marriage and family life in juridical documents as well as in German 16th-century popular literature written for a growing readership of lay people. Wåghäll Nivre has further published on “travelling” in early modern literature and on different aspects of ”home/away”.

Current research

Wåghäll Nivre is currently working on a research project together with Maren Eckart on early modern biographies. Wåghäll Nivre focuses on texts depicting the life of Queen Christina of Sweden (1626–1689) – on a woman who already in her lifetime was scrutinized by her contemporaries, was constantly in focus, surrounded by myths and rumors. The aim of the project is both to contribute theoretically to early modern biographical writing and to further develop our understanding of early modern gender constructions and roles – their limits and possibilities.


Early modern literature, gender studies, popular culture