Erik van Ooijen
Previous research

My research has focused on formal and structural poetics, specifically as related to a bodily concept of style and the event of writing. My main object of study has been Strindbergian drama, as witnessed by my dissertation The Mold of Writing: Style and Structure in Strindberg’s Chamber Plays. There, I examine the erratic nature of a Strindbergian poetics of “fever” and its consequences for composition and genre as units without unity.

Current research

An examination of the relationship between ethics, aesthetics and mediality in literary fiction, cinema and video games, especially as related to form, reference and interaction. A primary focus is directed at the representation of violence and sexual abuse, and main objects of study range from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita to filmed animal killings, hardcore net porn, and contemporary console RPGs.


Popular culture, literary theory, narratology, media studies