Previous research

PhD Dissertation: Poetic Allusion: Some Aspects of the Role Played by Kokin Wakashuu as a Source of Poetic Allusion in Genji Monogatari. Research on metaphors and imagery in eight emperor sponsored anthologies of waka poetry from the period 905–1205 (Hachidaishū). From 1996 research on literary history writing, canon formation and concepts of genre within the framework of “Literature and Literary History in Global Contexts: A Comparative Project” (financed by the Swedish Research Council), which resulted in the publication of Literary History: Towards a Global Perspective (4 volumes) and Studying Transcultural Literary History (Berlin & New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2006).

Current research

As Fellow and Chair of The Stockholm Collegium of World Literary History author of the texts on Japanese Literature in Literature: A World History (four volumes) to be published in 2014 (Wiley-Blackwell) and responsible for the crosscutting essays “Sites of Literary Production: Courts and Temples” and “Gender and Sexuality: The Red Light District as Theme, Motif and Site of Imagination”. The latter touches on my contribution to ”Kvinnor i den flytande världen” (Women of the Floating World) a popular publication related to the collections of the Museums of Ethnography and of East Asia in Stockholm.


World literature, comparative literature, pre-modern literature, early modern literature, popular culture, gender studies