Irina Rasmussen Goloubeva
Previous research

As a modernist specializing in aesthetics, dialectical materialism, and socio-political criticism, her research interests include not only English-language literature but also modern world literatures from the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century, particularly Russian modernism. Her dissertation, Between Colonialism and Nationalism: Art, History, and Politics in James Joyce’s Ulysses (2007), unpacks the sociopolitical contradictions that sustain Joyce's modernist aesthetic, and it is currently being prepared for submission to a university press. Her article, “Molly Bloom: A Re-Immersion in the Concrete”, appeared in James Joyce Quarterly in 2011.

Current research

Her current project, “Modern Literary Economies between the World Wars,” studies figurations of labour and market relationships in Joyce, Woolf, and Hemingway. The project contributes to the field of new economic criticism in literary studies, which seeks to understand the intersection between material and literary modes of production, between economics and aesthetics. In short, this project charts the relation between modernist literary expression and the crises of finance capitalism and liberalism.


Modernist studies; postcolonial literature; literature from a gender perspective