Jennie Nell, doktorand litteraturvtenskap
Previous research

Vivat Rex! Carl Michael Bellman’s Panegyric on King Gustavus III 1771-1792. The dissertation examines panegyric motifs, rhetorical form, and Bellman’s use of encomium (eulogy), and leading panegyric themes and motifs, as well as the poet’s use of rhetorical devices. A comparison is made between Bellman’s literary style in his panegyric occasional poems and in his Epistles and Songs, set against the traditional commemorative genres of eulogy and verse epic. Additionally, his role as panegyrist in the politically turbulent Gustavian Era is examined.

Current research

  • Gustavus III as rhetorician (speeches and plays)
  • Gustavus III’s and Carl Michael Bellman’s dramatic works
  • Bellman and early hermeneutics (Lessing)
  • Secular use of the ideas of Heroic Virtue during the Gustavian Age in Sweden, within the research project Shaping Heroic Virtue. A Network for Studies in the Different Uses of Shared Christian and Classical Traditions in 17th Century Catholic and Protestant Europe (RJ)


Early modern literature, media studies