Magnus Öhrn forskare litteraturvetenskap
Previous research

In my dissertation I studied how reminiscences of oral storytelling interacted on different levels in the texts of the Swedish author Fritiof Nilsson, the Pirate. Among other things I found how the narrator recalled a strict male audience, via what I called a discourse of brotherhood. After that my research has concentrated on masculinity studies; at first the concept of homosocial desire in student coteries in the Swedish town Lund around 1900, and thereafter I have focused on the construction of the boy and boy culture in Swedish children’s literature.

Current research

My current research is focused on two projects: 1. An inventory and mapping of the Swedish boy’s book, a period that approximately extend from 1875 to 1965, a material which then will undergo different thematic studies, such as the construction of the boy (boyology), the boyhood, boy culture (the free nation of boys), the boy’s relationship to different aspects of the feminine, and male role models (hegemonic masculinity). This project is sponsored by RJ. 2. Boy cultures in the district of Södermalm, Stockholm as it appears in Swedish children’s literature.


Children’s literature, gender studies