Per Arne Bodin
Previous research

Russian modernism (especially Osip Mandelstam and Boris Pasternak) and its relationship to the Christian and especially to the Orthodox-Christian tradition as influence, polemics, intertext, and poetics. One particular area that has interested him is the relationship between literature and icons, and between literature and hymns. He has also published several articles on contemporary Polish literature (Herbert, Szymborska and Miłosz) and its relation to a broad cultural tradition. He has also published prolifically in the area of Russian Orthodox Church and its piety. He has also written popular science books and has translated poetry from Russian, Polish and Ukrainian.

Current research

Post-modern Russian poetry by Dmitri Prigov and others, and its relationship to on one hand the Soviet past and on the other as a delayed Russian postmodernism. Another area of interest is the theme of terrorism in the Russian literature and especially in Russian poetry from the 19th century until today and the wider question of literature and violence.


Modernist studies, early modern literature