Previous research

Since my dissertation on Erik Lindegren’s poetry 1983 my literary criticism has consisted in textual studies and interpretation of texts on the intersection of the Geneva School (Richard, Poulet, Starobinski) and German hermeneutic tradition on one hand and deconstruction with scholars as Paul de Man and Shoshana Felman on the other. The periods which have been my main concern are poetic modernism in the tradition from Baudelaire, Romanticism (Atterbom, Stagnelius, Almqvist) and fin-de-siécle 1800/1900. During the last decade I have also published articles about the writings of Henrik Ibsen and theory of drama and theatre. My activity as a theatre critic has contributed to these studies.

Current research

Swedish literary Romanticism (Atterbom, Stagnelius, Almqvist), Henrik Ibsen's texts, dramaturgy


Literary theory, comparative literature, modernist studies, early modern literature