Previous research

My research approaches literature as technical phenomena and the book as medium. In my dissertation, Själens medium. Skrift och subjekt i Nordeuropa omkring 1500 (2010) [The Medium of the Soul: Writing and the Subject in Northern Europe around 1500], I investigated how the break-through of printing, a momentous medial transformation, gave birth to a number of new media practices; and how these, in turn, engendered a new type of subjectivity. My dissertation can be read as a study of decisive changes in the field of literature during the 1500s - or, more fundamentally, as an experiment in the writing of alternative literary history.

Current research

My current research project has the working title The Empire of Writing: Medium, Power, and Individualisation in Sweden around 1700. This project returns to the question of how momentous medial transformations affect a society and its population. Its primary purpose is to – using the historical research into literacy processes as a foundation – produce new knowledge on the genesis of the monopoly of the written word in early modern Sweden.


Literature and media