Ulf Olsson forskare litteraturvetenskap
Previous research

My dissertation, I det lysande mörkret, 1988, is a study of Birgitta Trotzig’s De utsatta (1957) from different perspectives, in order to gain an understanding of how a modernist narrative works. Levande död. Studier i Strindbergs prosa, 1996, moves from The Red Room to Inferno, in an analysis of textual features of Strindberg’s works. Jag blir galen. Strindberg, vansinnet och vetenskapen, 2003, analyzes the function of madness in Strindberg’s works and in the scholarly evaluations of his work. Methodologically, it is based on discourse analysis.

Current research

a) A study in literature’s silent characters from Jane Austen to Peter Handke, and how these characters, through different linguistic measures, are forced to speak. This project discusses prose fiction and drama and explores how disciplinary power seems to demand a constant affirmation in the form of a speaking subject. b) Exile as a state of emergency in Joseph Conrad’s works. c) Lars Norén’s works.


World literature and comparative, multilingual literary studies, modernism