Evening swim in the calm Askö bay

Common areas

In the tower room about 10 people can sit comfortably and enjoy the magnificent view over the port and open sea. Here you can use the monocular to spot sea birds.

There is a small library with guidebooks, literature of common brackish water species and a thesis collection. The room is also perfect for small meetings.

The entrance hall is a perfect place for gathering, you can read posters, take a magazine and enjoy the aquariums containing typical Baltic Sea ecosystems.

In the kitchen buildings there is a lounging area with TV, DVD-player and a stereo.

There is a newly renovated sauna near the bath cliff.

Slackline-practise in the apple tree garden

Beautiful nature

All of Askö is very beautiful. You can pick berries, mushrooms, swim in the small and protected bays. But don’t forget to bring a map, and stay on the trails, the island is 10 km long and full of un-touched forest where it is easy to get lost. If the weather permits it, there are possibilities to borrow the small boats for a rowing tour in the bay. Please inform the staff whenever you want to take a longer excursion!

There are both mosquitos and ticks on Askö, a common TBE-vaccination (Tick Borne Encephalitis) is recommended for those who are planning on staying long.