Common resources

  • A brackish water supply system that can be used both in the lab and outdoors, is provided. The water can be filtered from sand. Our water come from the depth: 15 m.


  • The walls and ceiling of an outdoor experiment hall can be opened or closed after the needs of your experiment.
  • Pools and water containers can be used either in the experiment hall or behind it, where there’s a large area to conduct flow through experiments.
  • A rinse-area with large benches and water supply is provided close to the boat jetty.

Climate rooms

In total there are 5 climate rooms at the laboratory. One is specialized for ecotoxicology tests. In all rooms there is an air-bubbling system, light control for regulating day-lenght and connection to the brackish water flow. The temperature can be set from 5 to 25 C°. All electronic equipment that is used in these rooms must be certified after the standard IP 63.



  • The Sorting lab is reached by the boat deck and is useful for rinsing, sorting and separating samples. There is a water flow system that leads right back to the sea, work benches and freshwater tubes.
  • Course lab is optimal for 16 people. The lab is equipped with strong light, magnifying glasses/loups, microscopes and literature. There are also aquariums and buckets to present or store organisms.
  • Chemical lab is newly renovated and contains new equipment such as a fume hood, a spectrophotometer, a vacuum- and microcentrifuge.
  • Dry lab can be used for filtering water

All links about equipment on this page lead to general information, not to the specific model at our laboratory.