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Contact persons

Head of department
Ove Eriksson

Deputy head of department
Clare Bradshaw

Director of studies for undergraduate studies
Per Ola Karis (Plant Systematics)
Sara Rydberg (Plant Physiology)
Kristoffer Hylander (Ecology)
Michael Tedengren (Ecology)

Director of studies for postgraduate studies
Clare Bradshaw

Subject representatives for postgraduate studies
Tanja Slotte (Ecology and Evolution)
Jonas Gunnarsson (Ecotoxicology)
Monika Winder (Marine Biology)
Katharina Pawlowski (Plant Physiology)
Catarina Rydin (Plant Systematics)

The department also has three old subjects
(there is no further admission to these subjects)

Tanja Slotte (Plant Ecology)
Monika Winder (Marine Ecology)
Jonas Gunnarsson (Marine Ecotoxicology)

Administrative and technical staff

Office manager
Yvonne Knutsen

Computer administration
Lars Gustafsson

Economy administration
Eva Kvist
Kristina Öhnstedt
Peter Pedersén Johansson

HR advisor
Erica Grahn

Public relations manager
Amanda Gonzalez-Bengtsson

Service technician/Intendant
Jerker Eriksson

Security officer
Matilda Arnell
Susanne Lindwall

Anna Pettersson
Johanna Grahn