Just in time for the opening of this year Nordic Gardens fair, the first episode of "Vetenskap & Trädgård" on OdlingsTV is released. It is the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences at Stockholm University that presents current research from a gardening point of view for the interested gardener: The films are a joint cooperation with SU's Media Production. In the first episode, Anna Pettersson (head gardener) and Ellen Schagerström (researcher) take a closer look at the soil and the life in soil. We also meet the PhD student Pil Rasmussen, who shows her research on how soil microbes are affected by climate change.



In the upcoming episodes, we will also hear about how it is possible to remove contaminants from the soil using plants, how a butterfly looks at the flowers and what to consider when buying fruit trees.

Link to the film (in Swedish)