The department's environmental work shall be in accordance with Stockholm University's overall environmental aspects.

This is to be achieved by:
all persons who are employed or otherwise affiliated with the department must be aware of, and feel responsible for, our environmental policy and our program of action;
all staff must be trained and motivated to carry out their tasks in an environmentally responsible manner;
take into account the environmental aspects of travel, purchasing and investment decisions;
 handle all waste from the department in an environmentally correct manner
 reduce our waste production as much as possible;
we must continuously follow up, expand and continuously improve our environmental work;
You can read more about Stockholm University's environmental work here.

Environment group
Anna Pettersson
Séréna Albert
Isak Holmerin
Susanne Lindwall

Do you have improvement suggestions or want to report an environmental discrepancy?
Use the university's reporting system for environmental discrepancies:

If you have suggestions for improvement put it in the environment groups pidgeon hole.

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