Education in biology

Education in biology

The Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences (DEEP) offers a wide range of courses on all levels, including Bachelor’s (first cycle), Master’s (second cycle), and PhD (third cycle). All undergraduate programs and courses in biology are organized and managed by BIG (dep. of Biology Education). On BIGs website  you can find necessary information about course content, structure and entry requirements, and on how to apply for courses or programs

Bachelor’s programmes and courses

The Department is involved in five Bachelor (first cycle) programmes, all in Swedish. Most basic, courses are taught in Swedish, but a number (more advanced) courses are taught in English. For details see Bachelor's level.

Master’s programmes and courses

In terms of international education, the focus lies on Master programmes. The Department is involved in ten Master (second cycle) programmes all, except one, possible to complete in English. All courses we offer at this level, are given in English. We also offer the opportunity to do a Master’s theses. For details see Master’s theses

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The Department of Biological Education (BIG) administrates our courses. More information about courses and programmes is available on their homepage.

Departmental study director
Sara Rydberg

Directors of studies
Per Ola Karis (Plant Systematics)
Sara Rydberg (Plant Physiology)
Kristoffer Hylander (Ecology)
Johan Eklöf (Marine Biology)


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