Field work at sea. Photo: Caroline Raymond

Project start: Summer 2021

Have you ever wonder what has happened with marine biodiversity during the past 50 years?

Do you want to combine field work, lab work and data analysis?

We are looking for 1-2 motivated and highly engaged students who can conduct field work at Askö in July (prel. 8-16 July), lab work and data analysis during autumn. 

Soft bottom in Askö. Photo: Caroline Raymond

We study benthic macro- and meiofauna in the Baltic Sea. In this specific master thesis project, we are interested to find out if there has been any changes in the benthic communities over the past 50 years. These are one of the most productive and diverse biological communities on our planet, in many ideal to study how environmental change impacts marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. This project gives a great possibility to understand ongoing ecosystem changes, collecting new valuable data to contrast with an unique dataset of benthic diversity created in the 1970s. This work will be important to understand how marine ecosystems are responding to a rapidly changing world.

Please contact us for more information!

Caroline Raymond and Francisco Nascimento