At our department a broad research is conducted, mainly focused on green biology. This is not a precise term, but includes biology related to ecology, environment and plant sciences, which are words found in our department's name. The department has five adjacent doctoral subjects: Ecotoxicology, Marine Biology, Ecology and Evolution, Plant Physiology and Plant Systematics. These doctoral subjects partially overlap and meet within six current research areas: plant sciences, ecology, evolution, the sea, climate effects and environment.

If you are interested in our research, for example, as a journalist and want to know more about something we are experts in, visit our research areas for information. To contact us, click on the link to contact/researcher in the research area of interest.

If you are a student, or want to study green biology, you can read more about the research we are active in. Applications for all courses and programs in biology are administered by the Department of Biology Education (BIG).