Continued web-based education during spring semester 2021

The Department Board has decided that all teaching and examination at the Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies will continue to be web-based throughout spring semester 2021 (January 18, 2021 - June 5, 2021).

  • The department will work to offer students the opportunity to conduct joint student-centered studies within the department's premises. The goal is to have a day of the week per week set aside for each language section, and that these study opportunities are led by the SI-leaders. This activity is permitted within the framework of language courses (semester 2 and semester 4), but not for free standing courses and courses at bachelor's and master's level.
  • If students at bachelor's and master's level wish to have supervision at the department, the student must first contact the supervisor for his/her approval and then contact the relevant Director of studies to coordinate the department's various activities. Martin Säfström is responsible for Arabic/MENA. Johan Fresk is responsible for Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
  • Students with disabilities or in need of special pedagoical support should primarily contact the Student department at Stockholm Univeristy. The departmet's contact person for students with disabilities in all subjects is Martin Säfström.
  • The recommendations and regulations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden to minimize the spread of infection must be followed within the department's premises.
  • Any decision made by the university management, the faculty or by an authority may lead to the present decision having to be reconsidered.
  • The student representatives have been informed and given the opportunity to submit comments.